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Artist of the Outback Creative] Julie Bowser

Artist of the Outback Creative] Julie Bowser

Julie Bowser - Artists of the Outback Creative

Why do I make art?:

Well, partly genetic. I come from a creative family. Some artists, some musicians and also my dad was camera mad but never took it any further than that. Making art is where a soul can find peace in a chaotic world . It’s better to create than destroy, right?.

I love the challenge of creating a strong narrative without the need for words in my image making.

It also makes me rise to challenges both in the field and in the editing process.

How do I make my art?:

My camera is my right arm, I don’t sleep with it but, if there was room hehehe. We see and breathe the great outdoors together, and we capture the beautiful landscapes this country has to offer, together. I often slow down and take my time with my images as it feels almost like I need to form a relationship with the land before I begin to “see”. Sometimes I see the shot in an instant when we are driving past in the car and yell at hubby to “STOP the car!!!”.

I use a program called Affinity for processing my images which I prefer to Adobe products.

What does it mean to me?:

For me, I try to create the best image I possibly can. I want to share a part of my soul and my experience in that special moment in time with others. It means for me (as with most creatives) that I want to give the viewer a little peek inside to the essence of me and my experiences.

I want to show them my world through the lens of my camera. It’s my chance to create a powerful statement about how a scene affected me.

What Inspires me?:

Life! You only get one and it’s better to wear it out than let it slip though your fingers. Time is the only thing we can’t get back and how much you put into living that life is what you’ll get back, so live every day. Leave a legacy in art so you can speak to future generations from beyond the grave.

Who inspires me?:

I’d say that I’m a fan of Peter Eastway and of Ken Duncan. I have sat and talked with them both but I’m sure if you name dropped Julie Bowser they wouldn’t have a clue lol. And I learned from them both as well. I like how Peter is a master at editing and I like how what you see is what you get with Ken. Yes Ken edits his images but, all the elements of his images were actually there in his viewfinder. Peter on the other hand takes a bit from this image and a bit from that image and pulls it all together to make a masterpiece. I see myself as a hybrid of these two styles.

Where Inspires me?:

Hmm me-thinks more like what doesn’t inspire me ? Just being in the outback, almost anywhere in this country inspires me. The wide open skies both day and night, and the diversity of this land we call home. Sometimes I get so excited people must think I’m smoking something hahaha. I’d have to say I love shooting over in WA. Crikey! That place has some wide open spaces. No people for miles and just you and that scenery.


What makes my art Unique from others?:

My art is unique because it is my view of the world. It’s my experience at a particular time in my life and it’s my expression of that experience. Oh! And I like vivid colours apparently lol.

Thank you reading 'Our Meet The Artist' this week with Julie Bowser.