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Artist of the Outback Creative] Miranda Lloyd

Artist of the Outback Creative] Miranda Lloyd

Artists of the Outback Creative - Miranda Lloyd

Why do you make your art?

I firstly fell back into painting canvases to decorate my first home and to get back into my passion of painting. As a child I was always arty. From there I got a lot of interest from friends then galleries and from there never looked back. I now paint also for income. Having my first child 21 months ago certainly made a nice way to make money fromhome as well as playing mum. I get a big buzz from my art sales knowing that they are hanging in so many homes all over Australia and overseas, that is what keeps me going. 

How do you make your art?

I use a range of mediums to create a heavy texture and also use many layered textures to create my artworks. As a paint I use acrylics and by using a gloss varnish gives the illusion that it is an oil. 

What does it mean to you?

I love to paint. I get the urge to paint at any time of the day including crazy hours of the morning - often at 2 - 3 am! Once I get an idea I got to get it out of my system. I often lay in bed and get that light bulb moment and have to do it there and then. 

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from nature. I live in the Adelaide hills and Trees are a big subject of mine also my signature subject. I also love spending time down the beach surfing and just relaxing so I have a big range of coastal art too. I am also a big animal lover so they are also another subject I like to play with. Other subjects I like are birds, flowers, cityscapes and more. Right now I'm working on a cactus painting. I also follow interior design trends for colour.

Who inspires you?

I more get my inspiration from nature rather then a person. I do get inspiration from other artists but more so admiration of their art. Some artists are soooo talented it blows me away and wish I had their skill and patience. 

Where inspires you?

I get my inspiration from nature so bush walking or spending time on the beach clears the mind and gets me creative. Also I like to read home magazines and colour trends helps with my colour palletts. 

What makes your art unique (what sets you apart from other artists)?

Over the years I created my own style of very heavy textures and I would say my work fits between modern and abstract. My heavy layering of textures and my signature style of trees certainly sets me apart.
Miranda's Recent community projects 

If you would like to purchase any of the above. click here.

Miranda's Latest community projects 

Each year I allow up to 10 paintings to be donated to certain charities for their fundraising events and balls. They are live auctioned and all proceeds go to the cause.

One special project I just completed was for Dive for Cancer. Mark Tozer CEO - Founder requested a Leafy Sea Dragon to be painted as his target audience are scuba divers and they especially come to our South Australian waters to swim with them . I painted it in my usual textural modern style. It will be auctioned on the 25th Feb 2018. A few years ago I painted a dive tank themed the Great Barrier Reef and auctioned for $1,800. Again all proceeds went to Cancer Council Australia.

I mostly support Cancer, children and animal charities. Its one way I can make a small difference.

Another event I recently donated to was for Many Faces of Cancer and was hosted by Barry Du Bois from the Living Room TV show, he is also battling cancer. I also attend many of the events as they are a great night out.