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Artists of the Outback Creative] Jodi Bilske

Artists of the Outback Creative] Jodi Bilske

Jodi Bilske - Photographer

Hello friends of the Outback Creative,

Continuing on with our new segment 'Artists of the Outback Creative', this week we are featuring OC artist Jodi Bilske a photographer that has spent a great deal of time capturing the beauty of the Kimberlys in the Northern Territory, this is how she responded to the questions we asked her.

Why do you make your art?
I’ve always been involved in the Arts. Starting straight out of school in signwiting, completing a trade in publishing then moving into graphic & web design in the earlier days until moving to the Northern Territory to run a Pest Control Business of all things. But I still needed that creative outlet so began painting landscapes in oil & loved it. Then, I decided I needed an escape that took me outside & into the amazing places that surrounded me so I decided a Diploma in Photography was to be my next challenge which is taking me on the most amazing adventures.

How do you make your art?
My trusty camera of course is the little box that stores my original image but to capture the scene I usually have to climb a mountain somewhere or travel down some bumpy old track. Most of my editing is done in photoshop, I shoot in RAW format so my images require post processing just like good old film. The amount of editing will depend on the look I’m after, sometimes just a little and sometimes a whole lot.

What does it mean to you?
Photography is my chosen area of creativity, it’s my passion, my stress relief & keeps my sanity a little more in tact. I have run another large & very demanding business with my husband for the past 20 years and if it wasn’t for my creative outlets I would surely be committed to the loony bin. My small photography business is growing nicely and I’m looking forward to it being my main income over the next year or so.

What inspires you?
I live in the Top End of Northern Territory Australia. I’m surrounded by inspiration, everything from a tropical oasis to the outback, it’s all in my beautiful big backyard. Our sunsets light up the sky like a great big goodnight kiss full of rich hues. Our wet season brings impressive monsoon storms rolling most afternoons with amazing lightning shows. And have you seen our waterfalls?

Who inspires you?

There are so many amazing artists to admire and with social media apps like Instagram & Facebook it’s so easy to drift off to a whole new world full of adventures to add to the ‘must do’ list. Each year I promise myself to a BIG photographic workshop, not just one of those one day things but a big adventurous & challenging one that really pushes my skills to the next level. I have been lucky enough to join workshops with masters such as Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher & Les Walkling.

Where inspires you?

The great outdoors, preferably somewhere warm though as we don’t do winter up this way. We live
in such an amazing & colourful world, I plan to see as much as I possibly can while I’m here. I love to be near water, an outback river or coastal beach, I’m happy either way.

What makes your art unique (what sets you apart from other artists)?
As much as I love subtle tones & pretty pastels my art is usually BIG BOLD & VERY VIBRANT. The Territory is full of rich colours which suit my style. Anyone can take a photo, I’d prefer to create a piece of art. My gallery is full of large canvas & premium glass prints but custom orders can be sent straight from the printers to almost anywhere in the world.