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Artist of the Outback Creative] Bruce Rodger

Artist of the Outback Creative] Bruce Rodger

Why do I make My Art?

A love of creating a three-dimensional image on a plain flat surface began the first time I handled a paintbrush as a ten-year old. There seemed to be a power that some possessed in this translation that I have constantly striven to emulate.

Afternoon at Silverleigh - 53cmW x 42cmH - $450

How do I make my Art?

I do two kinds of painting generally. Literal translations of a scene with some modifications and secondly, more impressionistic interpretations where my creative powers are put to the test. I visit areas at certain times of the day and year, and in certain weather to find the kind of scene and mood I require. A certain amount of luck is required. I have painted scenes plein air entirely, which demands significant preparation, particularly to withstand the elements, dust and insects, finishing some of these in the studio. For larger works I make sketches on the spot and notes of the more important features I need to master and supportive photographs as a basis for drawing. Colour is my own interpretation.

Under the Trees - 36cmW x 28cmH - $210 

What does my art mean to me?

The significance of my art is something that lies deep in my sub-conscience. The drive to continue this type of creative enterprise stems from something innate and derives from many aspects of my childhood.

Golden Sunrise, Northern Downs - 102cmW x 77cmH - $1,500

What Inspires Me?

My youth was partly spent on or near the beautiful Darling Downs in Queensland and I have always had the desire to translate the peace and prosperity of the land in all seasons. In my formative years I spent many happy times on those peaceful plains.

Wheat Fields of the Western Downs 

Who Inspires Me?

My exposure through books on the great masters of all time from a young age, have influenced me mostly. Particularly Rembrandt, Constable, Turner, Monet, Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Streeton, Heysen, Gruner and many more. There are any number of modern Australian artists who give me inspiration to improve also, particularly the wonderful portrait painters that vie for the few prizes on offer.

Storm Approaching - 73cmW x 43cmH -$550

Where Inspires Me?

My home is on the range which borders the eastern Darling Downs. The blues and greens of the hills and valleys nearby, the plains extending westward full of the colours of golden wheat and all the nuances of the seasons, and the vast pale sky that pulls you ever towards the distant horizon are my spiritual sustenance.

The Arcadian Life - $2, 700 - 152cmW x 101cmH

What Makes my art Unique?

My scenes of the rural landscape are forever moving towards the feeling that captured my mind when I was young. Every artist is unique in fact, but I wish to fully succeed in capturing for others, that unique feeling that I have when I am alone on the plains with a breeze in my face, in timeless contemplation of what is before me with peace in my heart.

The Burning Sun - $1,300 - 102cmW x 76cmH

I Hope you enjoyed that interview with Bruce Rodger if you would like to learn more or purchase his paintings that are available please click on the link below.

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