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Artist of the Outback Creative] Corinne Young

Artist of the Outback Creative] Corinne Young

Why do you make your art?

Painting is therapy for me. I started painting later in life after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury at 52 years of age. It initially helped to unlock my inner-self, thoughts and feelings that I found hard to express. Through my recovery, painting has become a love and passion. It is essential to my wellbeing, I find it to be meditative and still helps me to express my feelings and emotions.

I particularly enjoy the connection and conversation that is generated with others and hearing what they see in my paintings.

I am very grateful to Brain Injury Australia who connected me to essential on-going recovery treatment and therapy, and I am happy to give 10% of all sales to them to assist in their wonderful work.

How do you make your art?

I want to acknowledge my dear friend and artist Dionne Lew who started me off by dropping in one day with canvasses, which already had layers of paint on them from cleaning her brushes. She gave me a few simple guidelines, but mainly – “there are no rules” …. And I went from there.

I rarely plan out exactly what I am going to paint. It is usually a very organic and intuitive process.

I mostly use oil paints and paint on stretched cotton or linen canvases ready to hang. I usually have a few canvasses on the go at the one time. I always have one or two that I clean my palette knife or brushes on. This then builds colours and texture and informs a new painting. I often scrape back to expose previous colours and layers.

I love to experiment with texture, colour and different techniques. Sometimes something jumps out at me straight away, other times it’s a slow process. Either way, I always get some kind of insight into my feelings or a reflection about something going on in my healing process.

What does it mean to you?

Painting is helping me to “unlock” my inner self, to discover a “new” person as I realise I will never be able to go back to the old life that I had. Art is helping to carve out a new purpose for me, it is unfolding new experiences and is teaching me many new things.

I find that scraping back to the underlayers to be quite symbolic. I feel that it is about looking into my own core. It can be quite surprising what comes up and I find that the different colours exposed helps to guide my thoughts – be they happy, reflective or sad.

What inspires you?

The natural world. I find peace and happiness when I connect to nature. Trees are very symbolic for me and I love to watch them, touch them, listen to the movement of the leaves and bark falling off, and seeing the new patterns on the trunk through the seasons and as they grow. I love how they provide shelter, shade and protection. I love how they have their own mini ecosystem. I could go on, but I guess they always remind me to focus on the present, be happy in what you have and the connections and support around you.

Who inspires you?

It is hard to narrow down. I get inspired by many that I follow on Instagram. One artist that immediately jumps out at me is Marlene Harold, a lovely Aboriginal woman I met at Yinjaa-Barni Art in Roebourne, WA. In particular, I love her grass paintings. She painted a beautiful one for my husband and me depicting part of our journey around that area at the time.

Others that inspire me by their styles and techniques are John Olsen, Fred Williams and Anh Do.

Where inspires you?

Anywhere in the natural environment inspires me. I love to feel the air on my face and if the conditions are right, the grass under my bare feet. About five years ago I had a magical five months travelling and camping in outback Australia and I often refer to the many photos taken when I am looking for inspiration.

I am lucky that where I live I can paint against a backdrop of trees, with native wildlife popping by to visit.

What makes your art unique (what sets you apart from other artists)?

I’m still trying many different techniques, and I am interested to see what others think is my unique style. Many people tell me I have a definite style, and I am often intrigued by that. Maybe in a few years time I will be able to answer this more fully. I feel I am still on a journey of discovering what it is exactly. 

I hope you enjoyed Corinne's interview this week! All of the above pictures are available for purchase on her profile. Please click on link below to visit profile.

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