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Artists of the Outback Creative] David O'halloran

Artists of the Outback Creative] David O'halloran

Question 1. Influences

my influences are Kevin Hart (AKA) Pro Hart, my mother Judy Pickering, Tom Roberts (Great, Great Uncle), Andrew Tischler, Len Hend, Hugh Schulz, Albert Namitjira and Claude Monet.

Question 2. best source of inspiration

Majority of my inspiration comes from The Australian Outback in general. From the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia all the way to Tasmania. But specifically Broken Hill, NSW and Outback North Queensland.

Question 3. Difficult subjects

My passion for The Bush and Outback of Australia do not pose any difficulties, but at the same time, some can be challenging.

Question 4. what makes you start a piece and know when it’s finished.

Being brought up in a Professional Artist’s household, I asked my mum the same question! As a Professional Artist myself now and painting full time… I have thousands of ideas for paintings running through my head. Every one of those ideas has to be put on canvas. It just excites me! To know when I’m finished is from a life long time of painting from a series of methods I use. For example, one method I use is: Sky first, Background, midground, foreground, detail, shadows, final look and then done. Once again it depends on the subject.

Question 5. Most proud piece and why?

No! I don’t have any. I trust in all my pieces of Artwork that I create and after selling 100s of paintings in my life, I do not get personally attached to them. I only get attached to the subjects I want to paint.

Question 6. most important tool

A couple of brushes I see as close friends of mine.. They never let me down! and of course canvases and paint.

Question 7. what you want to achieve.

Wow! Where do I start? I would like to achieve a sustainable income that can provide for my wife and dying son. Like many Artists, I too would like to see my paintings represented by Professional Galleries both here in Australia and Overseas. I would love to see that but for the first most, my family are my everything, so to achieve a point in my Artist career where I am financially set, then I know I can give a more stable and secure life to them. One day I will achieve this and hopefully I will have paintings hanging next to my Great, Great Uncle.

Question 8. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years.

Still in my studio, painting like crazy!! Besides seeing this country with my wife, there’s nowhere else I would want to be.

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