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Artists of the Outback Creative] Pete Martin

Artists of the Outback Creative] Pete Martin

Who are your Influences?

Salvador Dali, water-colourist Robert Wade, Tom Roberts and basically anyone from the Heidelberg School.

Drawn by the Light - 51cmW x 76cmH - Acrylic on Canvas, unframed

Where in Australian do you find is your best source of inspiration?

I’m inspired by the outback; the colours are amazing, but then I’m also inspired by creeks and waterholes.

Drought - 53cmW x 73cmH - Acrylic on Canvas, unframed - Watercolour

What do you find are the most difficult subjects to capture/ paint/ draw?

Crowds are difficult to draw and paint, portraits are tough but have a very clear ‘nailed it or failed it’ line that is pretty obvious

Journey of the heart - 61cmW x 71cmH - Acrylic on Canvas, unframed

What makes you start to create a piece and how do you know when you are finished?

I consider my art to be a language of emotions, so when a scene or an emotion takes me over I’m compelled to paint it. I know I’m finished when the work evokes the emotion I set out to create in those viewing it.

Red Earth Farming - 120cmW x 120cmH - Acrylic on Canvas, unframed

Do you have an artwork you are most proud of and why?

That’s easy; my favourite work is a very old pencil portrait I did of my Pa back in the 70’s. I worked from a tiny photograph at the kitchen table immediately after driving 110Klms back to Ballarat after a big night out in a Melbourne nightclub; I couldn’t sleep, so I created instead. I left the sketch on the table as a gift to my Mum, knowing that she’d find it the next morning, Mum was pretty impressed.

Bush Telegraph at the Windmill - 61cmW x 41cmH - Acrylic on Canvas, unframed

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without?

I use my heat gun every day, I love it, it helps me dry my acrylic or watercolour layers quickly; I’m so impatient in the moments of creation.

Mt Glorious - 61cmW x 91cmH - Acrylic on Canvas 

What would you like to achieve out of your art? Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I want to continue to make a good living from my art, I’m most satisfied when I see a viewer or especially a client ‘get’ what the painting is about. When I hear my clients talk in emotional language about the painting, then I know my art as language has achieved what it was intended to do.

Truckstop - 100cmW x 200cmH - Acrylic on Canvas

If you would like to visit Pete's profile and purchase his artwork click on the link below.

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