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Artists of the Outback Creative} Peter Hoffman

Artists of the Outback Creative} Peter Hoffman

Who are your Influences?

There’s a lot. The ones who come to mind are

1700’s English painter, political satirist and editorial cartoonist William Hogarth, 1800’s English poet and painter William Blake, 1970s American painter and cartoonist Ralph Steadman and Australian painter and cartoonist Michael Leunig to name a few. For me, each one of these artists transcended the art form into something more mysterious and immersive. A dark excursion into a deeper expression and thinking.

Where in Australian do you find is your best source of inspiration?

The beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland has always been a great source of inspiration. But it’s Australia and there’s so many magical places and memories to fuel and fire the imagination. Our wildlife and flora is inspiration alone.

What do you find are the most difficult subjects to capture/ paint/ draw?

I love doing detailed work and our Australian natives and their flowers are so unique and unusual they always present a challenge to capture the ‘spirit’ of the plant. But as always the challenge is gratefully accepted.

What makes you start to create a piece and how do you know when you are finished?

When I decide to begin a drawing and I have a subject in mind, I get comfortable, put on some music then intensely reference and lay down the in pencil. When I have the subject the way I want I switch from reference to imagination and build the background around the subject into a cohesive image. My drawing style is heavy on symbolism and iconoclasm. It’s a very cathartic process and I usually procrastinate during the progression until I reach a point where I can’t improve the image.

Do you have an artwork you are most proud of and why?

Yes. A very special piece i produced in 1999. Its a pastel painting of an azure kingfisher I painted after observing one in the wild. There is a natural balance and focus in that painting that pleases me every time I look at it. I am releasing it as a large limited print soon. More details to follow.


What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without?

I initially wanted to say it’s my black fineliner, but on further consideration it’s the alpha and the omega. The humble pencil.

What would you like to achieve out of your art? Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

From my art, I would like to earn a good living. It’s always been my dream and purpose. As for the future I plan to be as prolific as time allows. I see myself immersed in my artwork, life and travel and I intend to leave the most potent legacy I can through my artwork.

If you would like to see more of Peter's work. Please click link below.

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