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Artists of the Outback Creative] Stefanie Roeske

Artists of the Outback Creative] Stefanie Roeske

Artist of the Outback Creative - Stefanie Roeske

“Why do you make your art?”

That is a good question! My Kids are asking me more than a hundred questions starting with “why” everyday and I do not always have an answer. But this one, I can answer you! I love capturing the special moments in my life, so they will never be forgotten. Showing others, that there are many little things in the world surrounding them, the may or may not see and appreciate. Little wonders as simple as rain, fog, sunsets and sunrises, wide open land, natures colours, the colours of Outback Australia. When I take my Nikon Camera for a walk, I can disappear into another world and forget about all the stress, life has to offer around me.

“How do you make your art?”

I love to see things from a different angle! Most of the time, I will roll around in the dirt, trying to get close to the subject with my Nikon D5300. Not everything and everyone likes it, when I poke my lens into their face, so I always carry my Nikon 500mm lens with me, to respect privacy and be able to capture Moments in a natural way. I do not like a posed photo. But sometimes I will get to a place and just fall in love with the landscape and natures extreme colours. I just can’t resist to capture the moments nature has to offer. A photo should tell a story, have personality and be realistic. My favourite lens is my Nikon 55mm-300mm tele lens.

“What does it mean to you?”

Photography is the one thing, I do just for me. This is my safe place, my way to relax and let the day go past on me. I am a home-schooling mum, living on a sheep station in South Australia. You never get bored out here, that’s for sure. But you get tired of spending day in and day out doing things for other people. As much as I love it, I hate it some days. Photography gives me a chance to see life from a different perspective, to be reflective and to express myself.

“What inspires you?”

hmmm…. what inspires me? I am inspired by my surroundings. Colours and variety nature has to offer. Wide open space, the hills in the Gawler Ranges, SA. Simplicity.

“Who inspires you?”

My dad is one of my biggest inspirations. He always has an answer on everything, whether I like it or not. If you do not like the look of something, just change your angle of view and it will put things into a different perspective. Hence, I chose to see life through a lens on my camera, it puts things into a different perspective at times.

“Where inspires you”

My home, my life, my surroundings. It could be anywhere. As I said, sometimes you just have to change you perspective to draw inspiration from something.

“What makes your art unique (what sets you apart from other artists)?”

My art, my photography is a part of my life. I let you be part of my safe place, show you a different perspective on things you may not have thought about or seen before.

Capturing the moment, so it will never be forgotten.

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