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Artists of the Outback Creative] Tracey Murrell

Artists of the Outback Creative] Tracey Murrell

Who are your Influences? 

I am not really influenced by any particular artist. I draw from everything I see. I like to paint in a pointillism style on some occasions, use pastels on others and use inks to flow wherever they will for example. I use whatever medium strikes me as suitable for the subject I am planning.

Cliffs & Meadow - $350 - 51cmW x 40cmH

Where in Australian do you find is your best source of inspiration? 

Where I live on the Gloucester River. We have abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery. Even if I am not painting it directly, the river influences me with it’s calm serenity one moment and raging torrents the next.

Moonlight - $320 - 64cmW x 76.5cmH

What do you find are the most difficult subjects to capture/ paint/ draw? 

Traditional landscapes are the most difficult for me. I seem to get lost in the detail. I need a singular item to focus on - e.g. a tree.

When Lightning Strikes - $380 - 56cmW x 35cmH

What makes you start to create a piece and how do you know when you are finished? 

Pieces come to me either in dreams or something that catches my eye and I get a strong urge to paint or draw it. The dreams are rather special. On a random night I will dream a complete painting. This painting stays in my head until I complete it. Not long after I have finished this painting I will dream another. This has been happening for about 5 years now and is fun because I never know where these dreams will take me. Other things that catch my eye also stay with me in the back of my mind until they are painted. For example, as a very young child of around 3 I went with my aunt to see my first circus. I remember nothing of inside the big tent but the Laughing Clowns outside stayed with me all my life until I painted them in miniature at a workshop. They were just waiting to come out at the right time. When a painting is finished it has me feeling satisfied with it. There comes a point where I know that nothing more will improve it and it is done.

Waratahs - $280 - 76.5cmW x 64.5cmH

Do you have an artwork you are most proud of and why? 

I have a few. My ‘When Lightning Strikes’ pastel I am very proud of as I managed to capture exactly what I saw with the starkness of the dead tree against the brilliant colours of the sky and the red azolla in the dam. I am also very pleased with a painting I did in pointilism style of my home. This painting won Champion of Show in our local Gloucester Show in 2016. And those Laughing Clowns. I was very pleased with them. I find I am often most proud of something I have done recently and then it is superseded by the next work I think I have really done well.

St George  -51cmW x 40cmH

What is your most important artist tool? 

Is there something you can’t live without? Nothing I can think of. I use so many different mediums which all require different tools. The tool I can’t live without is the one I need for the next work! If I don’t have it, I will get it.

Red Neck Wallaby - $280 - 61cmW x 49cmH

What would you like to achieve out of your art? 

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years? - Art is something that centres me and I can’t live without it. It is a journey and I follow wherever it leads. Selling my art is the icing on the cake. However, selling my art gives me a feeling of joy too, to know that others appreciate what I produce from my heart. I wish to continue this journey and see where it takes me.

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