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Bert Smallwood

Bert Smallwood

 Outback Creative Artist - Bert Smallwood 

Indigenous name is Julburi 

How do you make your Art ? 

lt's hard to say, l dream and create paintings. As l am guided by my Aboriginal spirits of the past.I create Art for my own enjoyment and also to keep my culture alive through my works. I want to educate people about my culture and the richness of Aboriginal Art that is shown in meanings of the symbols and designs. As well its another way of bridging the the gap between the Indigenous and non Indigenous people of the world.

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What inspires you ? 

My working process is very intuitive, l hardly ever plan my work. I have a thought - an idea - and thats how it starts. The idea makes the Artwork flow in shapes and lines as well as in my choice of colors.

To me, as an Aboriginal Artist l am representing my culture and keeping the spirits of my past alive. I believe l am guided by my cultural spirits to paint the way l do and l share a deep understanding and unity with other cultures.

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Who inspires you ?

I want people to become aware of the diversity that my culture has to offer. The land, animals and the stories that they hold. As a story teller in my Art l tell contemporary stories using signs and symbols that are ancient and l enjoy explaining to people what they are and how they are used.

Where it inspires you ? 

Probably what place inspires me is my home Yarrambah and the spirit world. "My first experience with the spiritual world was when I was 22 years old," Bert said.

"I had shown an elder my painting and her hair stood up on her arms. She explained how I captured the traditional place of Yarabah.

The strangest thing is, I have never even been there before.

Spiritually I know who I am, these animals represent my culture, in what I believe in, I believe I go to the serpent snake when I die, the creator of the land. My soul goes to him.

I’m gifted by spirits, they help me with my paintings. I think every young Aboriginal should experience this in his or her lives, they need to know who they are, to help get them back up on track.

The Aboriginal spirituality is actually coming back and it’s coming back to the people who are gifted and who are open to see it. You know what I mean?

What makes your Art unique ( What sets you apart from others ? 

My Art is unique because l am a storyteller for myself and others. I can tell and paint a persons personal story as well as my own, I do intricate designs and l am a spiritual person. Not many people have the gift of spirituality to help in the creation of their art. 

If you would like to purchase some of Bert's artwork, please click on the below link.

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