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Owen & Boof Commission by Marlene Millard

Owen & Boof Commission by Marlene Millard

Commission " Owen & Boof " - for Hannah Dodd by Marlene Millard

WIP # 1 - Time: 3 hrs: 30 mins

Reference photo supplied by client.

The size was determined by the client, in this case the image size will be 55 x 45 cm. I sketch the outline and main characteristics onto layout paper first and then transfer onto the Stonehenge Fine Art Surface which is made of 100% cotton fibre and is acid free.

WIP # 2 - Time: 0 hrs: 45 mins

I 'stain' the background with a very fine layer of pastel powder.

WIP # 3 - Time: 3 hrs: 35 mins

I work on Owens head with pencil, starting with the black cap & sunglasses. Before this session ends I reclaim some lines on the shirt to keep it all in perspective.

WIP # 4 - Time: 6 hrs: 10 mins

This is a longer session where I introduce some pencil into the background; work some more on the face and down through the neck and hand, add some colour to the shirt and start on Boof. I also reclaim some outline to the fleece in the background.

WIP # 5 - Time: 3 hrs: 50 mins

This session is all about Boof. Black hair is not just black! A black dog shows a sheen of either or both, blue and deep burgundy; so I use a variety of colours for his coat.

WIP # 6  - Time: 7 hrs: 00 mins

This was a big day! I rework the background and add more colour to it. I'm still working out where to place the background corner. In the original photo it was right in the middle which is not an ideal composition, so having been given a certain amount of freedom from the client regarding the background, I continue to seek the best option. I work on the clothing which is straight forward and add more detail to the fleece. Before I finish this session I make sure I add some perspective overall by touching on the tray and wheel. I don't touch Boof today at all.

WIP # 7 - Time: 4 hrs: 00 mins

I work some more on the fleece and the floor and below the tray. I finish Boof. The original photo had cut off his rear and tail so I made an educated guess at what it would look like and added it in.

WIP # 8 - Time: 5 hrs: 15 mins

After consultation with the client I add some more colour to Owens face and add the shearing equipment; leaning belts and handpieces. I also change the background corner again and add the pen wall and swinging door. The bottom right corner needs a little more filling in too.

When the client approves the finished result I measure and mark my registration marks for my picture framer and sign in the bottom right corner.

After 34 hrs and 5 mins I introduce the finished artwork 'Owen & Boof'.