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Anica Art



I’m a self-taught artist living on the South Coast of NSW, married to my encouraging husband Laurie with 4 adult children between us and nine adorable grandchildren.

Even though I wasn’t given the opportunity to study art in my youthful years the passion for it has never died and I’ve been painting since I was 15, with some dry periods when life simply just got in the way! 

I started my business called Anica Art some 30 years ago. This enabled me to work from home and be a Mum to my two young girls. I am still doing photo restorations and finding more and more time to devote to my passion of painting!

Some might remember me for my prints of Australian birds, animals and flora. In the year 2000 I painted a series of 23 paintings of “happy” birds, as I call them, and animals. Limited edition prints were made and literally thousands were sold all over the world.

I paint because I want to convey emotion and make people happy when they look at my art! It’s hard to pinpoint emotion in a painting, but you feel it when it’s there! It brightens the mood invoking a feeling of peace for the viewer and space!This could be conveyed in the twinkle of an eye, or light, movement or depth. No matter what the subject is, subtly expressing emotion is always the challenge and ultimate goal. These elements spell life and hope for me and hope you feel something when you look at my art as well!

I paint in watercolour, acrylics, gouache, pastels and oils, with watercolour being my favourite! I am inspired by everything in nature, forever chasing the light, and simply adoring the power of the Australian sun!

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All works are created using the finest artist's materials.

Every piece of artwork is signed on the front and includes a Certificate of Authenticity with the title, materials used, size dimensions, contact details, date and signature.

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