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Artist User Agreement

Artist User Agreement 2021 

Outback Creative PTY LTD

ACN 621985948

Founders: Ranald McMaster & Charles Devine

The following document was produced to an industry standard using formatting and terminology common to this industry.
This agreement will be in effect 1st January 2021 - 31st December 2021.


This agreement will be binding upon and is relative to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns, personal representatives, beneficiaries, executors, administrator, and heirs; as the case may be. This agreement is only applicable to the 2021 calendar year and a new long-term agreement will be created annually, to accommodate for any unforeseen amendments, changes or modifications that need to be made to the service and membership agreement.

All commissions, fees and other charges accrued under the agreement; after the effective date of sales and clearance of funds after the warranty period of 7 days; will be fully paid by Outback Creative Pty Ltd, as the assigns after the date of signing. Outback Creative Pty Ltd will also be responsible for assuming and performing all other duties and obligations required under the terms and conditions of the agreement after the effective date.

The assignee, Ranald McMaster, as one of the founders and directors of the company, will act as chief representative to the artist member, and will help you co-ordinate your induction onto the platform.

The artists wishing to participate in the 2021 calendar year of business will need to view this document in full. 

In the agreement;
Outback Creative Pty Ltd may be referred to as: Outback Creative; or, the company. The artist may be referred to as: the artist; or, the member.


Cultural Heritage:
“Cultural Heritage” refers to all the rights that Australian Indigenous people have, and want to have, to protect their traditional arts and culture.

Brokerage Platform:
A brokerage platform is an e-commerce mechanism that facilitates the exchange of products or services and payments between buyers and sellers.

The Company:
As applies and in reference to Outback Creative Pty Ltd. Outback Creative Pty Ltd is structured as limited liability company; with appointed directors, private shareholders and investors.

An artist may refer to a number of different artist genres; including and not limited by: photographers, painters, sketch artists, pencil artists, digital artists, bush poets, entertainers, creative writers, mixed media, pastel artists.

Online Gallery Platform:
A sale on our online gallery platform constitutes any sales that are made through; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Instagram; LinkedIN or the Outback Creative website itself.


1.1 Online Gallery Platform:

In 2021 Outback Creative intends to provide artists with extensive exposure, brokerage and publication opportunities. Every art submission for sale or participation in a company product or project; is at the consent and agreement of the artist.

At the commencement of 2017, the online brokerage platform became operational and began displaying and trading artwork for subscribed members. This initiated an opportunity for artists to sell their artwork and have it displayed via individual membership accounts and profiles. This is available, through the assistance of digital specialists at Outback Creative, and by logging into the back-end of the company website. Once an account is established; the artists will be able to log-in and upload their work at their leisure; as well as customise their page with a picture and a biography.

Once established, the artist may then utilise the service to post their artwork for sale. As Outback Creative is providing this opportunity to sell products, the company will receive a 25% commission for each art pieces (originals or art reproductions) and merchandise and crafts sold on the subsidiary (Outback Gifts), both websites presently exclude GST.

Outback Creative encourages you to choose your market value wisely; and to maintain parity with your usual market prices, to ensure best chances of a sale. If artists request assistance with pricing, the company will happily provide suggestions and recommendations for market value, based on market research and comparable sales in the market. We fully acknowledge and encourage that artists set their own price and grant them the power to change/modify their asking price; at their own discretion.

1.2 Social Media Exposure:

The company evenly spreads exposure of our artists as best as possible and actively posts on a daily basis. 

The members will have access to a marketing and content writer that will create and sculpt marketing ideas to further promote their scheduled fortnightly posts. Outback Creative will also use some of the marketing budget to promote an individual’s work over all social media channels.

1.3 Gallery/ Event Opportunities:

Outback Creative will be running a series of events and pop-up galleries to promote the artists and the company. It is ultimately up to the artist if they would like to be involved in these events, they are by no means compulsory.
Outback Creative looks to set the same commission as our online platform for its galleries/ events. This may differ depending on costs and commissions associated with the event. Artists will always be notified of commissions and costs before they commit to the event.


2.1 Agency:

The Outback Creative service acts purely as a brokerage agency between artist, seller and user (buyer). The website acts as a facilitator of this exchange; both for individually created artist products and company created products. The artist is responsible for their own taxation, reporting and payment and it is our firm request that everyone operates under a legal entity (e.g. sole trader, company etc). The company will assume no responsibility for withholding tax for individual artists, each artist operates as their own entity. This document is to be construed as a membership agreement. This document doesn’t allude to the artist being an; equity shareholder, involved in a joint venture, or as creating the relationship as employer and employee, franchiser and franchisee; between the parties involved in this agreement.

2.2 Acceptable Genres of Art:

Outback Creative will only accept Australian rural and indigenous artwork. Any artwork that is not deemed ‘Outback Australian’ will be addressed immediately. Repeated breaches of this will result in the review of an artist’s membership. Artwork that is considered “Rural”, “Outback” or “Indigenous”; when it is any of the following; Rural, nature, wildlife, ‘bush-life’, landscapes, agriculture, country townships, and indigenous. If your art/style of art does not fit any of the prescribed criteria; please reconsider your arts placement within Outback Creative. Your artwork will be ultimately determined as eligible, within the constraints of our theme, by the Outback Creative management team. Clarification, if required, may be sought by contacting any of the management team at Outback Creative.

2.3 The Age of Members and Responsibility of the Member:

Members using the Outback Creative platform or any of its services, must be of legal age. Artists may use an adult power of attorney by mutual agreement with Outback Creative management. Outback Creative account holders (artist/member); are also liable to maintaining their account identity and login details.

Account holders are restricted by this commercially confidential code allocation. Sharing of member codes is traceable and may result in the expulsion from membership.

2.4 Artist’s Private Information:

2.5 Account Holder Information:

Members agree to maintain their private individual member code/s. Members will ensure that their password is safe and protected. Outback Creative provide passwords in good faith, misuse, sharing or other disclosure of code/s is the sole responsibility of the allocated code recipient. It is recommended that code/s are kept secret to avoid inappropriate usage and corruption of legitimate date, accounts and services.

Members must provide and maintain their artist profile making sure contact details are valid and complete. Outback Creative may rely on the details supplied to finalise transactions, invoicing and services. Accurate information is the responsibility of the artist.
The profile picture must also be of a high resolution and presentation standard. Artists are not compelled to supply a picture of themselves; however, experience shows that buyers engage better when they see a good quality picture of the artist. Personal contact details will not be available to buyers on this service.

2.6 Unacceptable service use:

2.7 Acceptable Website Content:

Outback Creative’s service must not be used for any un-authorised or illegal purpose. The company will not allow any known hacking, unauthorised advertising, or membership misuse. Any advertisements or external linking without expressed permission from Outback Creative, will not be tolerated. Membership may be revoked if evidence is found of breaches under this clause.

Outback Creative aims to promote all artwork that is produced by the member. Outback Creative accepts and gives special attention to original works of art produced by a member. We
also accept; as specified, clearly stated, numbered prints of the artist’s original work. This does not include any reproduced art works that are not produced, without the artists consent. The Outback Creative account holder must be the only artist to post artwork on the Outback Creative website. The artist posting must have the sole copyright of the art being posted and the artwork must also be an original. The Artist will be liable for all administrative costs and refunds to buyers and related suppliers, and may face legal action by the buyer, should they post or supply works that are not originals.

Artwork may include; photography, drawings, watercolours, small – medium sized sculptures, paintings, mixed media, bush poetry, ekphrasis etc. Other mediums are not directly accepted from members at this stage, but may become available in the future. Outback Creative may also buy and sell products from other brands, who create apparel or crafts that we deem to fit our theme and whom add intrinsic value to the brand.

Artwork must be the artwork pictured for sale. Artwork may be sold framed and must be as described. Pricing the work should include a consideration for postage costs. Canvas block framing is acceptable and is often considered more desirable. Artists may also send their art unframed, as a canvas roll, posted in ‘postage tubes’. All postage and packaging information must be stipulated and agreed upon with the buyer. Artists will decide the style and type of packaging as the safe delivery is the responsibility of the artist and their courier.
Content posted to Outback Creative website must be genuinely for sale on the platform and not be plagiarised work or copied work. Artists are reminded that the website will not allow artwork which infringes on another party’s copyright. Outback Creative may not accept content that is inappropriate in any way. Anything that is considered distasteful or crude will be taken off the website immediately.

Artistic nudes are accepted if they are of a fine art and tasteful nature. Artists will be held liable if they post anything to the website that causes disruption in any way to the website. All content posted on the service; must be compliant with the guidelines, conditions and rules of this agreement. For clarification artists are to contact a member of the Outback Creative management team.

All images uploaded to the website must be under 300 dpi to risk being copied off the website by hackers or people trying to use it for illegal copyright infringement.

2.8 Exclusivity:

2.9Indigenous Cultural Heritage Rights:

Outback Creative does not require exclusivity in the sale of the artist’s work. Outback Creative do not request that you sell art with us exclusively, nor do Outback Creative have any restrictions with whom you choose to deal with elsewhere. If an artwork is sold through another service or entity, the corresponding Artwork on the individual’s artist Outback Creative members account must be removed within 24hrs. We celebrate every legitimate fair sale and want artists to succeed fairly.

If an artist intends to sell and therefore publish an Artwork online that incorporates indigenous heritage or culture; the cultural heritage rights are to be observed and considered. Following observation and consideration, compliance must be assured by the artist. Permission should be obtained from the traditional owners for the indigenous heritage before using indigenous images, objects, knowledge or works. The traditional owners should be consulted on the use of indigenous cultural references, and the way in which it is used.

2.10 The Reproduction and Distribution of Artist Products:

By posting artwork on the Outback Creative service, the artist (member) gives the company license to use the image of the Artwork throughout the website wherever the company deems fit to promote the artist and their work online. No artwork may be used in other promotional material without the artists expressed permission.

2.11 Resale Art Royalty Rights Scheme:

2.12 Prices:

2.13 Taxation & GST:

Outback Creative will provide any information that is necessary or required under the re-sale royalty rights scheme for all applicable sales of Artwork made via the Outback Creative service. Information can be found directly at: resaleroyalty.org.au.

Outback Creative clients and members are to show all prices in Australian Dollars including GST, as it may or may not apply. The prices are set by the artist. As this is an Australian company GST must be included in the price. Price of the artwork is set by the artist, from which Outback Creative will take commission upon sale. Outback Creative however, will not discount or mark- up any art or have any control over the valuation of any artist art.

If the artist is selling artworks as a registered business, the artist must notify Outback Creative once they have signed this document via email or by Australia Post that this is case and the details pertaining to this. The artist must provide their ABN / ACN and company name if applicable. In the event that these details change Outback Creative management must be notified promptly. Outback Creative will not be responsible for keeping financial records for the artist or for any records kept for GST or taxation purposes, this is the sole responsibility of the artist. Any artist that is registered for GST in Australia is responsible for all its taxation commitments, that means registering with the ATO for any sales of their art works.

2.14 Guarantee to Supply:

If artwork is sold on the Outback Creative website and by other means causing the artwork to be sold twice, the artist must provide proof of this occurring or send the artwork to the Outback Creative purchaser. The artist must always provide the artwork that was advertised on the company website to the purchaser as it was advertised on the Outback Creative website at the agreed price or price by negotiation. Artists are not to circumvent the payment of legitimate commissions to Outback Creative for buyers initiated on the company website or other promotional material. The artist is responsible for all administration costs and refunds to buyers and related suppliers, in the event an artist doesn’t sell the artwork featured on the Outback Creative website, the artist may be subject to litigation by the intended purchaser. The seller may face legal action from the buyer in which event, Outback Creative will not be liable.

2.15 Cancellation of Orders

Outback Creative management’s position; is that if the buyer or artist acts in breach of any part of this agreement, or the spirit of this agreement, the order may be cancelled by the company. Sellers will be advised within 24 hours that a sale is in progress, artwork is deemed sold at that point. Artwork may not be withdrawn from sale upon artists receiving advice of the sale in progress. Artists may not liaise with buyers directly once a sale has been advised. Artists may take their work off the website after giving 48 hours’ notice and removal of images pertaining to that work removed from viewing.

2.16 Third Party Invoicing:

2.17 Delivery to Buyer:

Outback Creative will invoice the buyer of an Artwork on behalf of the artist in all cases. The
artist must not issue a second invoice to the buyer.

Outback Creative will charge GST on the purchase of a product on the brokerage platform only if the artist is registered for GST and has made this known during the sign-up process.

The artist agrees to package the artwork in such a manner, which will ensure safe carriage of goods to the intended recipient. If an artwork is sold, but has been damaged prior to it being sent to the buyer, Outback Creative must be notified without delay. The onus of responsibility for packaging damage prior to shipping is on the artist. Artists are encouraged to insure artwork whilst in transit to the intended recipient. Outback Creative will not be responsible for damaged, stolen, undelivered or unsatisfactory delivery services or materials used. The supplier of the artwork will not receive payment for Artwork, until there is absolute confirmation that the Artwork has arrived as described. In the unfortunate circumstance that delivery is unsuccessful; and art does not arrive; the artist will not be paid and buyer will be refunded. If the artwork can be retrieved, the artist must then complete the transaction via the company recommended delivery agency.
The artist must arrange and initiate production and delivery processes of an item of their art when notified by Outback Creative of its sale. The production. and delivery process may vary from ten to twenty-one days within Australia to ensure only the very highest standard is received by the customer to hang on display. Overseas delivery may take as long as two months, but on average should take around three to five weeks. Tracking numbers will need to be provided to all buyers and must be given to the Outback Creative management team, as soon as the parcel is posted.

2.18 FREE Shipping & FREE returns

As of 2019 Outback Creative will be advertising FREE shipping & FREE returns to our online customers What this will mean for artists is that they will have to include shipping in the price of their art online. Once purchased the shipping will be deducted from the price of art sold then Outback Creative commission will be deduct from the remaining cost of the artwork.
FREE Returns.

Once purchased the buyer will have 7 days to return the item if they decide they don’t want it. Outback Creative will pay for the return shipping and the artist must return the money received from the purchase to be refunded back to the buyer.

2.19 Delivery Services of Sold Artwork:

Outback Creative accepts no responsibility for the delivery process between seller (artist) and buyer. Outback Creative encourages the artist to allocate and assign their own shipping. In every case the artist is to provide their own shipping; they take responsibility and accept full liability of what happens to artwork whilst in transit. The artist must include insurance in their shipping, and book and pay freight themselves. In the case of international shipping, the artist will pay for the costs initially, they will then be reimbursed on the 15th of every month. Artists
will need to bring the amount to the attention of the Outback Creative, with a receipt; once paid. The freight company should have a detailed tracking system in place so that Outback Creative can see when the art has been sent and has arrived. The artist is to provide consignment numbers; reference details and the shipper/courier details to Outback Creative immediately once the goods leave the consignors premises. The process of satisfactory delivery reflects directly by the payment to the artist.

2.20 Insurance cover and delivery insurance cover:

Insurance of artwork post-sale is the responsibility of the buyer. Sale is interpreted as, from the time a buyer agrees to purchase the artwork made available by the seller. If the artist does not send tracking and insurance information of the package being sent within twenty-four hours of despatch by courier or post, then the artist will be liable for all outcomes.

There may be valid reasons for delays; such as illness, travel, emergency etc. Communication is of the absolute importance, if such emergencies arise. The company management team; may, at its absolute discretion, act on behalf of the artist to pacify the buyer during a temporary delay. If artwork is not sent and received; without a reasonable excuse given by the artist or culpability in the hands of the freight company; then the artists membership may be reviewed.
Refer previous comment above regarding production and delivery wait times. Consider “sent within twenty-four hours of despatch by courier or post, then the artist will be liable for all outcomes.”

2.21 Artist Payment & Remuneration:

Payment to the artist will occur on the 15th of every month starting 2021, this payment will cover all money earned by sale of artwork/s for the previous month. For example, all payment and profits earned by an artist for the month of January, will be made on the 15th of February, where payment from the buyer is received and credited prior to the preceding calendar month. In some cases, payment for credit card transactions which have been processed may take longer to avoid fraudulent activity by bogus buyers.

Outback Creative will pay the artist the correct balance upon completion and processing of cleared funds after commissions and standard banking transaction fees are taken. If a refund claim is made by the buyer, within the agreed time or as applies by law, and accepted by Outback Creative, the artist will not be paid for the sale of the Artwork. The Artwork will be returned to the artist. The Outback Creative is liable for all costs that are associated with the of the return of any artwork (freight) to the artist. Outback Creative commission will be part of the refunded monies to the buyer; if approved. The artwork must be returned to the artist and the artist must advise Outback Creative upon receiving of the artwork; before the money is refunded.

2.22 Trademarks and copyright:

The Outback Creative logo is trademarked and the company name is registered in Australia as an [ACN]. Use of the trademark; without the expressed permission of the Outback Creative management team, will result in legal action. Artists are encouraged to familiarise themselves with current trademark and copyright laws in Australia and Internationally, if dealing with
buyers from overseas.

All content on the Outback Creative website, electronic media, promotional books, journals or any other promotional/marketing material of any type are copyright of either Outback Creative or the artist. No content may be used without the expressed written permission of Outback Creative management or the artist where the content is their own work. This discussion will be facilitated by Outback Creative, therefore interested parties will need to contact the company first before the transaction takes place.

The artist retains all copyright for physical Artwork (which includes reproduction rights), even when the physical property is transferred to the Buyer. If the buyer wants to reproduce the artwork, this must be discussed with the artist who created the artwork.

2.23 Conflict & Dispute Resolution:

2.24 Constitution of Termination:

Outback Creative will not be responsible for any unsatisfactory misrepresentation of payments, description of goods, delivery, comments made by buyers on social media or other means. Outback Creative; may, at their absolute discretion act to resolve disputes, however no undertakings are given in the agreement. Artists are to attempt their own conflict & dispute resolution.

Outback Creative reserves the right to refuse service to members or buyers; at any time, and at absolute discretion of the company. Outback Creative also has the right to terminate a purchase, an account, or a member at their own discretion. Any members who are terminated will be given multiple chances to redeem themselves. For minor or rare offenders; informal warnings will be issued over Facebook or via mobile phone, for serious or repeat offenders; 1 official written warnings over email will be issued; prior to membership being revoked. If member accounts have been inactive for longer than 6 months, Outback Creative will request a legitimate and justifiable reason from the member. If a justification cannot be made, the account may be terminated, due to lack of interest. The artist acknowledges that they may remove their account at any time; in doing so, the artist expresses their dissatisfaction with the Outback Creative service and will be withdrawn from any involvement in any service or platform, connected to the company. Outback Creative also reserves the right to revoke our service to disruptive members, the individual will be given prior warning in any case. In the event, Outback Creative undertake to complete any sales in the system, the artist will be paid per the existing agreement, and will endeavour to ensure buyers receive purchased Artworks.

This agreement will be wholly redundant should an artist’s account be terminated. Termination would be the result of continual or significant breaches of the agreement; or if the artists is in default of any warranty of this agreement.
This agreement is also wholly redundant should Outback Creative cease operations of the business, either voluntarily or forcibly under duress.

2.25 Disclaimer Information:

Outback Creative does not guarantee that the company service, or the brokerage platform, or any other domain, material objects or publications that is or are accessible using a hyperlink from the website; will be current, or free from errors or viruses. Outback Creative does not guarantee that access to the company service(s) will be temporarily or permanently delayed or halted. Outback Creative does not guarantee a sale or sales of goods offered for sale by artists.

If Outback Creative explicitly and solely causes any loss or damage to a member’s product(s) or an order/transaction in the system, then the company will be held entirely responsible and accountable for recouping the loss. However, if caused by the member, freight company, third party entity or seller; Outback Creative removes itself from culpability entirely. Outback Creative does not guarantee that members’ uploads to this website are safeguarded, allowing for and within reasonable effort and expenditure; third party abuse, misappropriation, defamation or sharing of information or images. Third party misuse by members electronic access is to be avoided; up-to-date, modern anti-virus software is to be used by all members. Outback Creative does not guarantee that any or all uploaded content will be available on our website. If Outback Creative has content uploaded to the site it does not guarantee that it will be available immediately. Reasonable processing time frames apply.

The member acknowledges that the Outback Creative service platforms may be affected by outages, delays or faults. Some situations may be unavoidably caused by factors, which may include, but are not limited to; technical difficulties, outages affecting the performance or operation of the service or a third party supplied software, equipment or systems, internet traffic or technical problems with the Internet or infrastructure failures.

Members are expected to run “clean systems” with anti-virus software which should be kept current. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they are not exposed to viruses, Trojan horses or any other code of a destructive nature. Any condition or warranty that would otherwise be implied into the terms and conditions of this membership agreement is hereby excluded to the extent permitted by law in Australia. If a condition or warranty is implied by legislation and such a condition or warranty excludes the modification of liability under this agreement and/or for services provided by the Outback Creative then that condition or warranty is accepted but only to the extent:

In relation to goods:
• The supply of goods to an equal or similar value;
• Payment of the replacement cost of the goods or of acquiring similar goods with an
equivalent value; or the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired, whichever is the less amount.
• In relation to services:
• The supply of services again or refund whichever is the lesser amount.
• This disclaimer does not exclude liability arising under statute, if and to the extent, such
liability cannot be lawfully excluded.

2.26 Warranties

Outback Creative act in good faith, no warranties are written or implied.

2.27 Social Media and Website Linking:

In 2021 there will be no links diverting potential buyers away from the Outback Creative online platforms, this includes the website and all social media channels that carry the Outback Creative brand name. This also includes any subsidiary pages or domains, connected to the Outback Creative brand. All links from artist posts will revert to the section of the Outback Creative website where the artists are selling their art. The Facebook page and Instagram will no longer have links or referral to individual artist websites or social media Facebook pages. The website will however have Facebook and Instagram links, for contacting and exposure purposes. Artists will receive a warning, after which any breach will result in a serious review of the artists membership. Continued infringement of this policy will result in the expulsion of an artists membership. There will be no refund for membership fee.


3.1 Contact:

If the artist has any concerns or queries relating to the Outback Creative service or this membership agreement, please contact us; via any of the following means:
Email: ranald@outbackcreative.com.au
Phone: 0447 310 501

3.2 Acknowledgment:

By getting it this point; the artist confirms that they have read this membership agreement; understood it, and agree to be bound and comply by its terms and conditions. The artist further acknowledge that it is the complete and exclusive statement of agreement between the artist and Outback Creative. By executing the reading of this agreement, the artist also acknowledges he/she has obtained independent legal advice and/or has elected to refrain from obtaining independent legal advice. This agreement supersedes all previous proposals, agreements, contracts, understandings written or implied.


Outback Creative regards member privacy as integral to the service experience and the relationship with the member and the company. The following privacy policy applies to all members. The policy conforms to all relevant and applicable Internet privacy standards. Questions or queries regarding this policy should be directed to one of the following contact points:

Email: ranald@outbackcreative.com.au
Phone: 0447310501

4.1 Collecting Information:

To use the Outback Creative service; the company may require certain personal information from members and members, to ensure the provision of the best service possible. Any communication or feedback, through any casual or official means of correspondence between members, members and the company; may also be collected and stored to help shape the operation of the service. Outback Creative; is permitted to collect and store any information of this type.

4.2 Storing collected Information:

The security of your personal information is of utmost importance to Outback Creative. The integrity of your personal information is safeguarded by a stringent encryption system. When the company deals with any sensitive information on our service, pertaining to an artist (e.g. account login details) or pertaining to a member (e.g. account information or tax information); Outback Creative encrypts that information using Stripe. Stripe is the leading software program for online protection of transactions.

4.3 Accessing collected information:

If your personal information changes or you wish to stop using the service; you may change, delete or deactivate your information by modifying your account on the service. Alternatively, you may request for us to do it on your behalf by emailing us at ranald@outbackcreative.com.au. Provided all financial transactions are cleared and any outstanding disputes are resolved; all personal details will be deleted and de-activated from the service.

4.4 Product/Service Orders:

As a member, you will be paying for your membership to use this service. Alongside general members, you may also decide to purchase a product from the service. Therefore, Outback Creative may request certain personal information from you. Explicitly, members may be required to provide specific information, regarding contact details (such as your name, email, postal and billing addresses); or financial information (such as account details or tax information). Outback Creative uses this information for billing purposes only or to fill your purchase orders effectively. All of this information passes through safe and secure methods of sale. If Outback Creative has problems processing the order, the company will then use your contact information to inform you and resolve the issue.
Communications Outback Creative uses personal information for vital communications. The company may also use this information for other purposes; including promotional emailing. If at any time a member or member wishes not to receive these communications, they can ask to be removed from mailing lists or correspondence. However, the company does ask that each member remains contactable and advises Outback Creative of any changes to their contact information and checks
communications monthly.

4.5 Third Parties:

Outback Creative; may at its discretion use other third parties in the operation of its business service. These third parties will be provided with stored personal information. These parties include, but are not limited to freight companies procured on behalf of willing members; and any organisation nominated by the Australian Government for the purposes of managing the Resale Royalty Rights Scheme.

4.6 Legal:

Outback Creative reserves the right to disclose your personally identifiable information only as required by law or when it believes that disclosure is necessary to protect Outback Creative rights and/or comply with judicial proceedings, court orders, or legal processes served on the Outback Creative website.

4.7 Security:

All transactions on this website are processed through the Stripe gateway. Stripe is a proven payment system that protects credit card transactions. All transaction data is encrypted for storage within Stripe’s ‘high grade protection’ storage system. If you have any questions about Stripe and its protection methods please go to their website via this
link. https://stripe.com

4.8 Changes to Privacy & Security Policy:

If any changes are made to this Privacy & Security Policy, the company will inform members via email and amendments can be noted and advised to individual members. Outback Creative reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time.


I agree with the following statements:

I have read and understood Outback Creative’s Privacy Policy.

I understand that I may come in contact with confidential information during my time at Outback Creative. As part of the condition of my work with Outback Creative; I hereby undertake to keep in strict confidence any information regarding any client, employee or business of Outback Creative or any other organization that comes to my attention while at Outback Creative. I will do this in accordance with the Outback Creative’s privacy policy and applicable laws; including those that require mandatory reporting.

I also agree to never remove any confidential material of any kind from the premises of Outback Creative unless authorized as part of my duties, or with the express permission or direction to do so from Outback Creative.