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Carol McCormack



People often comment on the feeling for place in Carol’s landscapes – she says this is what she aims for, and puts it down to her long connection with the land. She grew up on a property near Hughenden in north-west Queensland and has lived for almost 50 years near Glenmorgan on the Western Downs raising a family and working on the property and community projects. She has been painting since joining the local art group and Mervyn Moriarty’s inspirational Flying Art School many years ago.

“I will often start a painting very quickly and cover the canvas with quite a messy background as a spontaneous reaction to place, pouring and scraping the paint with fingers and tools, then starts the process of ‘tidying up’ to achieve the final result. The trick is knowing when to stop!”

She is a keen bird-watcher, and many years spent as a volunteer at Myall Park Botanic Garden at Glenmorgan have given her a keen appreciation of the huge variety and wonderful forms of Australian plants, so flora and fauna are often an important part of her subject matter.

In a remote location, travel is a natural part of life – keeping up with family, attending to medical matters, taking the kids to boarding school, going to shows and campdrafts – all have taken her and her husband Ed far and wide. Now with the luxury of retirement a caravan has replaced swags and camping in the back of the horse truck, and gives them the opportunity to spend several months of the year roaming the outback, visiting family and friends and camping in wonderful locations as far away from caravan parks as possible.

Carol says “I used to resent the fact that my only leisure time was spent in the passenger seat, and over the years evolved ways of using these hours for art. Now many paintings are created in 'the car studio' as we travel – when I first tried this I used sketch books and watercolour paper for quick colour studies. This has progressed into using squares or rolls of canvas so that quite a large work can be created on the move.

Paintings made in the studio or when camped on location generally deal more with a particular land form feature, while the ‘drive’ paintings are necessarily composites of many landscapes seen in a day’s travel.

Carol has been involved in several public art projects such as the mural at Myall Park Botanic Garden, the circular paintings on glass in Surat’s Anzac Memorial Park and the frieze at Olive McMahon Lodge for cancer patients in Toowoomba. She exhibits her work in both group and solo exhibitions in metropolitan and regional areas of Queensland. She has won several prizes and awards over the years and her work is represented in public and private collections in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 

Buyer Information

All work is original. I use acrylic and/or mixed media and work on heavy canvas or linen stretched over a sturdy timber frame and ready to hang. Works on paper use top artist quality paper framed or ready to frame as indicated in description. Works on canvas are finished with a protective varnish that can be wiped and dusted. All are signed, titled and dated. Sizes vary according to painting description.

Securely packaged and delivered via courier.

NB as Carol is often travelling, please enquire about estimated timing of delivery when purchasing.

A percentage of profits from sales is directed to various charities providing transport, treatment and accommodation for seriously ill patients and their families.


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