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Commission a Portrait

Artist Options

Tracy Waite  

Tracy offers commission portrait in her style (see images below) at the following rates and sizes:
10" x 6" inches (25.4cm) = $400 
16" x 16".(40cm x 40cm) $600. 
16" x 20" inches size, only for a couple portrait. $900 
If a three person portrait, (children for example) is required the size and price would need to be discussed and agreement on price and size reached prior to work commencing.
Portraits can take a fair bit of time so customers would need to allow one month, for a one person portrait, unframed, matboarded only and six weeks if framing is required.
Customer must provide a clear non-blurry photo to use. Client may also need to provide several photos forartist to get a better idea of portrait.
A two person portrait may require a couple of weeks extra.
50% non refundable deposit would be required, before work is started.
email charles@outbackcreative.com.au if you would like to get started on a portrait with Tracy.
Examples of her work.
Cynthia 10" x 6" (25.4cm x 15.24cm)
Dudley 10" x 6" (25.4cm x 15.24)
 Milton 16" x  16" (40cm x 40cm)


Bruce Rodger

Portraiture will be done on archival quality artist panels (USA), or equivalent.

Initially I will offer small panels for head and neck, or head, neck and part of shoulders in two sizes (in inches – international standard. Height is given first).

14”x11”    $800

16”x12”   $900

16”x24”   $1300 (couple portrait or larger single)

The works will be unframed but with a hanging wire attached if required. They will be executed in high quality oil paint and will need one month from the commencement of the work to complete, and allow some initial time for drying.

I prefer to work from digital images and would require a high-resolution jpeg or RAW image – this should ideally be about 2mb or higher, and other supporting images to gain a full appreciation of the subject’s appearance. Allowances can be made if that high quality image is not available. 

Photographs of the subject should ideally be taken at the height of the subject, (not looking down on the subject), or from slightly below. The light should be flattering, not too contrasty and from a slight angle. I prefer a pleasant demeanour rather than in full smile but that is up to the photographer.

Larger ¾ length portraits or portraits on canvas are available. Prices can be given after details are known.

Some examples of my portraits are shown below.

50% of the commission cost will need to be paid up front to commence work.


Examples of Bruce's work below:


 Dr Bob Jones, Renaissance Man. 122cm x  82cm 



 Ray Higgs, Parramatta Legend. 60cm x 50.8cm