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Pet Portraits


Welcome to the Outback Creative Pet Portrait page. Below are the Outback Creative artists that do Pet Portraits in varying styles and colours. Please note that all prices and sizes are to give you an idea of cost, the price could change depending on complexity of work. All final quotes will include all costs and there will be no extra fee for shipping.  

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Artist Options

Marlene Millard 

Marlene Millard provides real life drawings and paintings of pet's that have astounded our clients. If you would like to commission a piece for your pet. Please get in contact with charles@outbackcreative.com.au 

See examples of Marlenes' work below

Prices and mediums are as below:

*size in cms approximate within a couple of cm

*size indicates image size not framed size*

Pastel Painting - Framed Complete

60 x 40 

50 x 40 

40 x 30 

Pastel Painting - Matting & Backing Only

60 x 40

50 x 40 

40 x 30 

Pencil Drawing - Framed Complete

60 x 40 

50 x 40 

40 x 30 

Pencil Drawing - Matting & Backing Only

60 x 40 

50 x 40 

40 x 30 

Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas - Unframed

60 x 45 

50 x 40 

40 x 30 

Thirsty Work - By Marlene Millard 


Dozer - Feature/demonstration article in the Australian Artist Magazine 2009 - by Marlene Millard 


Digby by Marlene Millard



Debra Dickson 

I paint a diverse range of animals, so if your pet has fur, feathers or scales it can be transformed into a beautiful portrait. 
All paintings are done in acrylics on stretched canvas, unframed.
40 x 30 cm 
40 x 50 cm 
50 x 60 cm 
60 x 76 cm 
larger sizes available upon request
William Ritchie
Below are the Pricing tables for works completed in oil, gouache and watercolour. The pricing provided is a guide only and may vary according to any of the following. 
  • design complexity 
  • The requirement and extent of any preparation fieldword and research
  • the amount of fine detail
  • the time to the completion date
  • any additional costs incurred such as mounting, framing, delivery or postage


Some examples of prices below, prices subject to change depending on criteria above. Other sizes are also offered.


30cm x 61cm 

61cm x 76cm 

76cm c 91cm 

Watercolour & Gouache 

25cm x 25cm 

35cm x 35cm 

55cm x 55cm 

Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer excels in painting animals with personality and vitality. Her speciality is horses, and she has placed highly in International Equine Awards, but cats, dogs, birds, goats, camels- animals of any kind at all are a delight for her to paint. So if you want a stunning portrait of your best furry, feathery, and hairy or even scaly friend, look no further! You may even like a double animal/human friend portrait!

Medium – your choice of pastel or oil Pastel substrates- conservation matboard/ colourfix on board
Oil substrates – stretched canvas over a wooden stretcher frame/ canvas on board/ primed board 

Price, does not include framing, freight, delivery and will depend on the amount of fine detail and complexity, but the below sizes/prices are a guide.

stretched canvas 

70 X 50 

60 x 45 

50 x 40 

40 x 30  

PASTEL RECTANGLE with backing and matt 

70 X 50 

60 X 40 

50 X 40 

40 X 30

OIL SQUARE stretched canvas - 

60 X 60 

50 X 50 

40 X 40 

40 X 30 

PASTEL SQUARE with backing and matt 

60 X 60 

50 X 50 

40 X 40 

30 X 30 


I require at the very least one clear photo but preferably more, in good light, so as to get a visual impression of the whole animal and an idea of their personality traits. A one on one discussion will be necessary. When taking photos of an animal consider the direction of lighting – it makes such a huge difference in creating the effect and mood that you require.


Chris & Brandy - Painting, oil



Sheer Elegance - Pastel Drawing



Phillipa & Mr Ed - Pastel Drawing


Sweet William - Painting, oil


Jos Coufreur

Jos can paint your pet, whether it be horse, dog, cat or bird in acrylic or oils on canvas. His vibrant style is much admired throughout the world. He requires a good photo which you can email to him. Jos paints with professional quality paints on heavy duty 12oz stretched canvas, 4cm deep.
A $200 or $500 deposit is required before he can make a start. (depending on size)
Within Australia the pet portrait will be sent with wire on the back, ready to hang. For overseas customers Jos will send the canvas rolled in a heavy duty tube, you can get it stretched at a framer. Or if you prefer he can send it stretched but be aware that extra sending costs will apply.
Before he sends out the finished painting he will send you photos for approval so changes or tweaks can be made. Satisfaction guaranteed or your deposit returned.


Prices and Sizes:

30 cm x 30 cm 

50 cm x 50 cm 

60 cm x 60 cm 

76 cm x 76 cm 

76 cm x 100 cm 

100 cm x 100 cm 

90 cm x 120 cm 

100 cm x 130 cm 

120 cm x 120 cm 

120 cm x 130 cm 

120 cm x 150 cm 

120 cm x 180 cm 

150 cm x 150 cm 

150 cm x 180 cm 

120 cm x 210 cm 


Broder Collie by Jos Coufreur 




German Shepard by Jos Coufreur  


Dachshund by Jos Coufreur 



Amanda Brooks

Amanda can turn any photo into an amazing Pet Portrait. All paintings are acrylic on Belgium linen and come in the below sizes:

50cm x 50cm 

60cm x 60cm 

78cm x 78cm 

90cm x 90cm 

Examples of Amanda Brooks work below 


Eve Izzett  

Commission or custom paintings come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours and are customised to suit each client.  For pet portraits, you need to be able to provide at least one reasonably clear photograph of your pet, preferably more.

When thinking about booking a commission please consider that wait times can vary considerably, and can be as long as 3 - 4 months during busy periods, particularly coming up to Christmas.  If you require the painting by a certain date, please make contact as soon as possible to confirm that your painting can be completed and shipped in time.


Sizes are not mm exact, especially on the larger canvases, and may vary by 1.25cm/0.5" from the listed size.

Prices are for acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and are in AUD$ and include shipping within Australia.

(If you would prefer an oil painting please contact me for a quote and to discuss the options)

Mini Canvases

4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) 
5" x 7" (13cm x 18cm) 
5" x 9" (13cm x 23cm) 
7" x 9" (18cm x 24cm) 
8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) 

Small Canvases

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 
10" x 12" (25cm x 30cm) 
12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm) 
12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm) 
12" x 24" (30cm x 61cm) 
16" x 16" (40cm x 40cm)

Medium Canvases

16" x 20" (40cm x 51cm) 
16" x 32" (40cm x 81cm) 
20" x 24" (51cm x 61cm) 
20" x 28" (51cm x 71cm) 
24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm)

Large Canvases

24" x 30" (61cm x 76cm)
24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm)
30" x 40" (76cm x 101cm) 
36" x 36" (91cm x 91cm)  

XL Canvases - Larger canvases than those listed above can be done by arrangement.  However these are too large for the postal service and need to be transported by courier making the shipping costs high.  If you would like more info on the larger sizes please ask.

*Prices are subject to change - if you have already confirmed a commission the price for that commission will not change.





 Kate Rutter

Kate Rutter can create a digital cartoon commission portrait in her style that is semi realistic. Certain locations, people & animals can be compiled into the one drawing to create an unique piece.

This drawing can be printed up to A3 in size.

The customer must provide at least 3 clear, non blurred photos of each subject they’d like drawn & a detailed description. Sometimes providing the artist with a stick figure drawing can help explain a particular layout. As the art will be a digital file.

On completion the artist will email a heavily watermarked drawing for proof & request full payment. Upon full payment, the file will then be emailed to the customer so they can print/frame the drawing.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks for completion. 50 percent non refundable deposit is required, before work has started.